EKG : Sequencer

EKG : Sequencer

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The EKG (Elektro Kardio Gramm) is a versatile 8-step analogue sequencer designed to fit the euro rack convention.  Each step has a unique Function Control and can be turned off, skipped, repeated or set as a reset point.

Modes:  Off (rest), x1, x2, x3, x4, Skip, Reverse and Rest.

Width: 38HPDepth: 25mm
Weight: 0.285kg
Voltage: -/+12V
Power Consumption: +12V, 15mA / -12V, 28mA
Doepfer style power cable included.
Screws not included.

EKG ships in the design scheme as shown.

  • CLOCK IN: This is the clock input. Use a 5V clock signal, or a signal from an LFO
  • TEMPO 1/2 IN:  When this socket sees 5V, the sequencer will run at half speed.
  • RESET IN:  When this socket sees a 5V signal, the sequencer will reset to Step 1.
  • CV OUT & RANGE:  Connect the CV out to your modular synth’s VCO to control Pitch, or to Cut-Off on your Filter
  • GATE OUT:  Connect this to the EG Trigger input on your synth. Output is 5V.

Operational Modes

  • Mode 1: This is essentially a Rest. No Gate sent out. OFF.
  • Mode 2: The step is played once, with one Gate being x1 sent out.
  • Mode 3: The step is played twice, with two Gates being x2 sent out.
  • Mode 4: The step is played thrice, with three Gates being x3 sent out.
  • Mode 5: The step is played four times, with four Gates x4 being sent out.
  • Mode 6: The step is entirely missed and the sequencer SKIP instead jumps to the next step.
  • Mode 7: The sequencer plays backwards all the REV(erse) way to step one.
  • Mode 8: Sequencer resets to step One. This step is RESET not ‘played’. Use this to change sequence length.