The Great Destroyer

The Great Destroyer

Dwarfcraft Devices

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Is it a fuzz pedal? Is it an instrument? Is it a rogue angel bent on audio revenge? Rhythmic oscillation and industrial fuzz in a true bypass package.  

Our flagship is still out there blasting away at the forces of evil (AKA boredom.)
If you're looking to get freaky, look no further.

The Great Destroyer has found it’s way into the hands of Alan Sparhawk, Justin Meldal-Johnsen, Alessandro Cortini, Young the Giant, K O Y L, and Pussy Makes Three.

TGD:E is an adaptation of our flagship pedal, with a lot of added functionality for the modular world.

In addition to the Starve, Gain, Tone, and Volume controls we have CV in for gain and tone, and a CV output, blasting varied signals from audio rate square waves to bursts of LFO.

As you would expect, TGD:E will fuzz up your signal like there's no tomorrow, and the old "unplug the lead" trick works just as well on the module as it does on the pedal, always a crowd pleaser.  "WOW THAT PERSON HAS MAGIC ELECTRIC SOUND HANDS!"

Only you and we will know the truth, you're a smart shopper with excellent taste in synthesizer modules.